Ingredients for 4 people:

Chantilly cream:
200 ml milk
2 eggs
60 gr of sugar
30 gr flour “00”
1 vanilla berry
1 lemon peel
160 gr of mascarpone
15 gr of icing sugar
60 gr chocolate scales

350 gr of flour
325 gr of butter
8 gr salt
165 ml of water


Spread the pasta in two thin plates and cook at 180° for 25 minutes, in the meantime boil the milk and half the sugar together with vanilla, lemon peel in a boul, whip the eggs and the sugar and flour, then raise the milk from the fire and pour the mixture abtained with “(sugar and flour eggs)”, mix with the whip and put on fire for another 30 seconds, you will get a smooth cream, let cool and incorporate it mascarpone and velvet sugar, and finally chocolate chips. Replace on the plate the first sheet of pate, fill with the cream and close with the second sheet, cut out the contours to give it the desired shape, sprinkle with sugar velvet and chocolate scales.