Raw red prawns


Ingredients serves 4
12 fresh red prawns
200 g three milk organic stracchino cheese
1 bunch of rocket
130 g wheat flour
60 ml water
210 ml EVOO
1.5 g yeast
15 g beetroot flour
20 g pecans
20 g parmesan Vacche Rosse 36months

Start with the cracker dough: like all yeast doughs, oxygenate the flours first, then add the liquids (water and 60 ml oil) in which you previously dissolved the yeast. Add salt only after the dough begins to set, then allow the dough to rest and grow for about an hour and a half. Roll the dough and shape the crackers. Arrange the crackers on a pan lined with a baking sheet and bake at 180° c for about 10 minutes.

To prepare the stracchino emulsion, whip it with a small amount of heavy cream in order to soften the cheese and obtain a very creamy spread.

For the rocket pesto, use a mixer to blend the evoo (150 ml), the pecan nuts, parmesan cheese and previously rinsed rocket. keep the oil in the freezer for a little while before using, to keep your pesto bright green.

Prawns should be seasoned very simply, with oil, salt and basil only.
Once prep is done with, arrange the plate: start with some stracchino emulsion in the centre of the plate, top it with a “sandwich” of crakers and prawns, and drizzle some rocket pesto as a final touch.

A simple recipe that is light and fresh, and yet will offer you intense flavours you don’t want to miss! BUON APPETITO!