Interview with the chef

Luca Cardinetti is the Chef at the panoramic Hi-Res restaurant, which has always been a symbol of fine cuisine and carefully selected dishes.

His youth notwithstanding, Chef Luca already has many years of experience behind him.

He has been on the Hi-Res team for quite a while, starting as Sous-Chef. This past April he was handed the reins of the kitchen and promoted to Chef.

-What sort of training do you have?
“I went to cooking school and have had various work experiences. In Rome I had the wonderful experience of working alongside such Michelin Star chefs as Francesco Apreda and Stefano Manzetti, who helped teach me the ropes of the profession.”

-Who were your role models?
“Aside from my mentors at work, my family is an important point of reference for me. When I was very young I always watched my grandmother making pasta at home. My father taught me the value of hard work, a vital component if you want to make it in this profession! I am the first of the family to become a professional chef.”

– Is there a precise moment in time when you decided to become a chef?
“My life took a different turn when my daughter was born. The power and the new needs of that time are what convinced me to follow my passion with total dedication.”

-What international cuisine most interests you?
“Japanese cooking, well, Asian cooking in general, really fascinates me. I also love French cuisine, especially its technique. French cooking is an important basis, it’s what has led us to the high levels of cooking in Italy today.”

-Do you have a dish you consider your forte?
“One of my fortes is porcini mushroom and foie gras risotto with a port reduction. It’s a hearty Autumn dish, ideal for this time of year. The rice is cooked in chicken broth, then I blend in 36 month old parmesan cheese, the foie gras, reduced port and then some Normandy butter.

-What advice would you give a young man wanting to embark on a cooking career?
“I would tell him not to pay too much attention to the TV cooking shows. You have to make a lot of sacrifices if you want to become a serious chef, but it’s so very satisfying too. Passion is the essence of this work.”

-Could you make a comment about your experience at the Hi-Res?
“We have a great team in the kitchen, we all work well together and I think it’s really important to underline that. We all share the passion and dedication I spoke of earlier.

The Chef recommends:
Sole fillets a la meunier, grilled artichokes and mint, and of course our special Hi-Res tiramisù, a dessert made from a secret recipe that must be tried!