Hotel Valadier - Rome, Lazio, 00187, Italy
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If you’re instinctively attracted to the soft notes coming from the lobby ... don’t hesitate. You’re about to enter the Piano Bar at the Valadier, a place in which you can lose track of time, in relaxing and entertaining surroundings, something a number of regulars enjoy doing.

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After long day spent shopping and visiting museums, or a hard day's work, this is just the right place to relax and unwind.

The laid-back atmosphere and live music always guarantee an unforgettable evening. Thanks to the leisurely homely atmosphere and the enthusiasm sparked by the music, many tourists, artists and aficionados alike find the Piano Bar experience a bit like enjoying an evening in at home.


00187 Roma
Via della Fontanella, 15
Tel. + 39 06 3611998
Fax + 39 06 3201558

Hotel Valadier
Via della Fontanella 15
Rome, Lazio, 00187, Italy
Call: +39 063611998
+39 06 3201558


Hotel Valadier

THE LUXURY OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT HOLIDAY FOR YOU IN A CENTRAL 4 STAR HOTEL IN ROME In the heart of Rome, with its atmospheric streets full of history and surrounded by the most chic shops, you’ll find a place that has succeeded in perfectly blending the timeless style of the old Fellini films with modern-day comfort. An intimate environment, refined in every detail, amalgamating the warmth of wood and gold in a contemporary and sophisticated design.