• Brillo Burger

The twenty years’ experience of Group Valadier’s Brillo Parlante brings you Brillo Burger, the new gourmet burger open in downtown Rome.

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Located in an interesting venue, it is in the very heart of Rome. Top-quality products and courteous personnel are the sine qua non values of a complete, high-quality service. An accurate selection of products, combined with the possibility to personalise your own burger, ensures the satisfaction of all customers.

History tells us how beer and bread were invented at the same time, because the raw materials were the same. It was just a matter of quantities. More water than flour, some fermentation, and hey, beer! Life tells us that the joy of a beer is similar to that of a burger, because their flavours go wonderfully well together. It’s just a matter of quality. Less habit than surprise; passion, and here comes Brillo Burger. Change, more than tradition; discovery, and Brillo Burger was born.